A comprehensive service, tailoring strategic asset allocation to the investor’s specific requirements, leading to the formation of a suitable client specific and separately managed portfolio. Redfin will remain responsible for the ongoing management of the portfolio and for communicating investment policy changes to the investor.
We advise on and customize each client’s portfolio allocation depending on individual circumstances to develop an investment strategy tailored to meet specific investment objectives and risk profile.
We measure investment risk in terms of historic market volatility. More volatile assets offer greater opportunity but have a greater risk. Combining asset classes and investments with different volatility characteristics enables us to reduce our client’s risk, whilst maximizing returns.
Cost management has a material impact on investment returns. We serve as a link for clients with custodian banks to ensure the cost of investment products and banking services are controlled and minimized.
The provision of investment solutions is just one part of comprehensive wealth management. We work closely with our clients  to develop a collaborative plan to enhance the services already received from other advisors in such areas as trusts & estate planning, financial analysis and philanthropy.