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Redfin Advisory's business model is based on establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with its clients, based on the provision of comprehensive and independent strategic advice. Our experienced team of professionals is then able to support our clients in the execution of transactions, across the full range of corporate events:

Leveraging our independence and lack of conflicts, we have a strong track record in advising our clients on the strategic merits of potential M&A transactions. Acting for target companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, we can operate at the heart of any process, assist in negotiations and give impartial and objective advice about the merits of bids received. Our strong relationships with clients and our on-going strategic advisory role for them place us in an ideal position to participate in successful buy-side and sell-side advisory assignments in relation to public or private target companies.

Redfin is well qualified to assist clients on merger transactions given the long experience of our partners and professionals, as well as an assurance of total discretion and dedication.

Redfin's principals have led a number of sizeable transactions around the globe (Europe, North Africa, Middle East, China). In each case, we have managed transactions and given strategic advice with objectivity and dedication that only a small independent firm like Redfin can offer. In particular, Redfin has a strong track record of structuring and managing complex transaction processes in which the bridging of differing cultures is essential.
As part of a comprehensive strategic advisory role, Redfin also provides its clients with capital raising solutions (debt and/or equity). Redfin has the ability to provide advice on capital restructuring and is well positioned to give our clients effective solutions in the area of capital management.
Various strategic advisory mandates that we undertake do not fit a conventional 'transaction' definition. Examples include our work with certain Governments and Political entities. We believe that Redfin's independence, expertise and discretion position us well for special advisory assignments.