Redfin Redfin

Redfin provides independent strategic advisory services. Redfin partners share a common business vision based on Trust, Dedication and Experience.

Redfin's advisory business is committed to providing clients with the best quality independent strategic advice and transaction execution support capabilities ranging from mergers and acquisitions, to equity and debt market related services, to capital restructuring. We believe that successfully managing complexity requires the skill and judgement that only comes with experience. We approach projects from a comprehensive strategic angle, marrying the analytical and financial aspects with our project and problem solving expertise.

Our advisory practice focuses on advising public and private entities, with a particular emphasis on Asian/Emerging Market clients. Our capital restructuring practice focuses on advising companies, funds and investors in turn-around situations.

Relationships built on trust are the core of our business. Clients' best interests are the foundation our approach. Redfin adheres to the highest standards of integrity. We are not burdened by conflicts of interest between clients or stemming from a multi-business firm providing financing and related products.

Redfin's business model is the fostering of privileged relationships with clients based on trust, experience and independence. We are an independent firm and we use this advantage in every aspect of our business, both internally and externally to ensure the highest level of service. We have the ability to make decisions quickly, identify strategic opportunities for our clients efficiently and provide pragmatic solutions impartially.

We believe that successfully managing complex situations requires the skill and judgement that only comes with experience. Over the past 40 years, partners and professionals in our advisory practice have completed strategic assignments for leading enterprises in most major industries and regions of the world, with a particular focus on the Energy and Utilities sectors. This experience, coupled with Redfin's extensive network of global relationships, enables the firm to provide unparalleled perspectives to corporate and industry leaders around the world.